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How to choose a wireless car charger

27 Ago 2020, 06:04

If you are looking for the best automatic clamping wireless car charger mount, you should read this post first.
We’ve covered the top 10 best ones in 2020, as well as a detailed guide to show you how to select the best wireless car charger mount that will automatically clamp and hold tightly your phone (any phone).
Table of Contents:
Top 10 Best Picks
How-to-Select Guide
Top 10 Best Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mounts in 2020
If you’re in a rush, here is the table list for takeaway. Spend a few minutes to read the detailed reviews below the table, and you would have good insight when selecting the best automatic clamping wireless car charger mount.
No.1 VANMASS See at Amazon

NO.2 ZeeHoo See at Amazon

NO.3 Mpow See at Amazon

NO.4 LETSCOM See at Amazon

NO.5 AUKEY See at Amazon

NO.6 iOttie See at Amazon

NO.7 CHOETECH See at Amazon

NO.8 TORRAS See at Amazon

NO.9 Baseus see at Amazon

No.10 VICSEED see at Amazon

How to Select a Best Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount
Circumstances like driving a lot on the road, especially on bumpy roads, or getting heat from summer and coldness from winter, require the automatic clamping car wireless charger mount to perform much better.
Follow the guide below and you can select a best one for your own.
Stability and Durability
Stability and durability should be the very first thing you have to check when selecting an automatic clamping car wireless charger mount for your iPhones or Android phones.
It’s the most important thing that the wireless charger mount sticks to the position firmly and sturdily, and the phone holder never loses its grip and dumps the phone onto the car floor during driving. It’s much better if it features a 360-degree rotation for versatile views.
Many automatic clamping car wireless charger mounts do this well, but not all of them work on the bumpy roads or when it’s hot summer or cold winter. Some of them may hold the phone for now but after a few months, you still get your phone “boom” on the floor (I had a few bad experiences, sadly).
Many car mount wireless chargers, like VANMASS , have a built-in advanced smart sensor which commands to grip your phone firmly and automatically when it’s attached to the holder, and add more stickiness to the sucker to get it stuck tightly on the dashboard or other surfaces.
Another thing that bears mentioning is that stability and durability is a long-time concept, not a forever thing. To ensure a longer time stability for automatic clamping car wireless charger mount, do not install the suction cup on leather, wall or filmed glass surfaces, and please follow the manufacturer’s guide to use the charger mount correctly.
Mounting Options
The best places to install the automatic clamping car wireless charger mount are the air vent, the dashboard, and the windshield. However, many wireless car charger mounts are only designed to install on the air vent.
When selecting a car charger mount, make sure it comes with all the necessary mounting accessories, including but not limited to an air vent clip and a suction cup. So that you can install the automatic clamping car wireless charger mount in the position you like.
If you are driving in some states like California that have very strict windshield-obstruction laws, such as the California Law you are not allowed to install the automatic clamping car wireless charger mount onto your car windshield.
“A person shall not drive any motor vehicle with any object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed, or applied upon the windshield or side or rear windows.”
Make sure whether the places you live or drive have such a windshield-obstruction law.
Fast Charge Supported
An automatic clamping car wireless charger mount that supports a fast wireless charging mode will help speed up the wireless charging if your phone features Fast Wireless Charge.
For example, VANMASS, wireless520,Mpow,offer 7.5W fast charge for the latest iPhone, 15W fast charge for the latest Samsung smartphone, and 5W standard charge for other phones.
Case Friendly
A best automatic clamping car wireless charger mount should be case-friendly and support almost all the non-metal cases in the market.
Some say wireless charging with a case would slow down the speed. But it wouldn’t happen to a case-friendly car mount wireless charger.
Be sure your iPhone case is under 4mm. The gold rule is the thinner, the better.
The price of automatic clamping car wireless charger mount consists of 2 parts:
The cost of the whole product package + maintenance fees = the actual total sum
If you want to buy a wireless charger can used for many years, I suggest you buy the wireless car charger from the factory, because they pay more attention to product quality rather than brand promotion.
Wireless520 is the best choice I know.they opened a retail channel 2020, you can search the official website on Google:WIRELESS520

The maintenance fees could be a lot if there are issues and you need to buy extra accessories to fix them. Or, you have to throw the wireless car mount charger away and buy a new one. That would double your budget.
You can minimize the maintenance fees to 0 if you buy a high quality in-car wireless charger mount with an automatic clamping feature.
The warranty to an automatic clamping car wireless charger mount is like the accident insurance to you and the vehicle insurance to your car.
If anything bad happens during the warranty time, you can get it fixed or receive a replacement for free.
The length of warranty can and should be taken into consideration in your purchase decision.
We have all the reasons to believe that an automatic clamping car wireless charger mount from top brands with 12-month or 18-month long warranty are more solid and endurable than those with only 6 months of warranty.

the Engineer of wireless520(, We are experienced in provide OEM ODM service to some famous brands, especially some top sellers on Amazon and Walmart, some of our designed wireless charging products are Amazon’s best sellers.